August 20, 2015

Walking is so last century. There are so many other modes of human transportation these days, it’s really quite the eye-opener. There’s the usual, trusty bicycle that gets you from point A to point B easily (though we really feel Singapore needs to have dedicated bike lanes), rollerblades, skateboards, electric kick scooters, walking bicycles (that Japanese invention we featured in our October issue last year) and of course, Segways (remember Gob from Arrested Development? Come on!). And then there’s the new electric “vehicle” that’s slowly taking over Singapore, one pavement at a time – electric unicycles, or “wheelies” as some people prefer to call them, like the Ninebot One E+. It’s the latest self-balancing intelligent personal electric vehicle, which has a futuristic shell design to hit town. Despite having one of the smallest frames in the market,this wheelie can take loads of up to 110kg and can go as fast as 22km/h. Have an uphill slope to overcome? The Ninebot One E+ can climb gradients of up to 25 degrees so you don’t have to work your legs. And like most tech gadgets in the market now, this wheelie comes with an intuitive phone app that lets you monitor your speed and distance travelled (though you should really be keeping your eyes on the road/ pavement), customise how the Ninebot One E+ responds to you movements, change the colour of the iridescent atmosphere lamp and more. Once again, technology has managed to make us that much lazier by making our lives that much easier.

Ninebot One E+ by Falcon PEV, $1,199. Available at authorised Ninebot dealers and online at