OC Facade-Night2

August 22, 2015

When it comes to shopping, everyone loves a good mix of boutiques and products, but where do we go for that? Our best bet is the tall, towering structure, right out of a Sci-fi movie — Orchard Central. And that’s not the only thing that makes it stand out. You’ll discover when you step inside, the 14 floors of retail and dining outlets that makes it a shopper’s paradise. Whether it’s beauty, fashion or lifestyle, there’s bound to be something that’ll have you coming back for more. We’re taking you through our picks of the hidden gems at OC.



The Reckless Shop

Located at #02-08/09

The flagship store, decked with industrial-esque decor, offers trendy, euro-centric fashion choices. Our pick: Two-toned maxi dress from Still, $169.




Located at #02-16-19

Pronounced, sifr, this local menswear label takes pride in great attention to detail and quality. Our pick: Classic Crew Neck T-shirt, comes in different colours, $39 each.






Spur Hauswerks 

Located at #02-22

Whether you’re looking for unique items to spruce up your pad, or well-designed stationery, you’ll find something good here. Prices start from $3.80 for postcards.




Located at #B2-47/48

Teeming with scented, wholesome soaps and candles, you’ll smell this shop from a mile away. Our pick: Cold pressed soap by You’re Gorgeous, $9.50.






Located at #02-13

Using only natural skincare products, Renata’s all about aesthetic treatments by highly-trained professionals that show results. Try: Actizyme facial designed to mimic your skin’s own natural exfoliating process with actizyme derived from the Japanese mushroom, moocher mien, $220.





Located at #02-21/23

If you’re a fan of anything Japan-related, then you have to visit Kiyone+LIM, who specialises in kitschy, Japanese nail art. Designs start from $100.



Pink Parlour OC Reception copy

Pink Parlour

Located at #03-19/20/22

Take a step into this ferociously girly salon and try the highly-hygenic, almost painless wax treatment, at $62 for Brazilian and $150 for full body.


For more information, visit www.orchardcentral.com.sg. 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896, Tel: 62381051.