August 19, 2015

They may be called “Cheating Sons”, but this local band isn’t at all the conniving, lying sort. Far from it. Made up of members Wang Renyi, Leong Chee Shan, Donovan Loh, Andy Liew and Andy Yang, Cheating Sons isn’t afraid to share the truth about crafting music – that sometimes, it’s not about hype, commercial success or popularity. They’d much prefer to be completely loyal to themselves and their art, or, in their own words, “Never compromise on art for the sake of others”.

Then there’s their music, made up of honest-to-goodness, retro-sounding tunes: effortlessly catchy riffs, lyrics that divulge compelling stories, all tinged with a warm analogue tone that pays smart tribute to their style of old-school rock. In fact, the band devoted over 30 months to make their sophomore effort “as perfect as possible” – even though this one already comes on the back of a critically-loved debut album. Of course, “perfect”, in their eyes, means a completely different thing; rather than nailing precise drum beats and strumming patterns, the band looks, instead, to lovingly honing their craft, experimenting with new instruments, and getting down to the emotional core of their songs. The stuff that calls out to true music fans. By Amelia Tan.

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