August 20, 2015

Remember Digimon Virtual Pet and Neopets? We know, it was so long ago; when feeding your Digimon was your afternoon’s main goal and beating your high score in Meerca Chase was the cherry on top of a day of play – good times. Thanks to Hasbro, you can relive that routine of carefree immersion into your virtual world of friends with the My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app. By Angelene Wong

Enter the candy-coloured world of Ponyville where confetti is always falling. Here, you can attend parties with your pony friends, play single and multi-player games and unlock new surprises the more you play. Scan your pony friends in – yes, it feels like an exclusive guest list of sorts – when you collect the pretty ponies from the Cutie Mark Magic collection. Your physical pony turns into a lively virtual friend when you scan the heart symbol on its leg! Never miss a date with the in-built party calendar and mailbox that delivers invites from your friends – you party animal, you.

2015-07-10 16.54.01

Style Princess Cadence’s rainbow-coloured hair (hair goals!) and watch the hearts on her body light up when you press the blue heart.

B1370 My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Glowing Hearts, $49.90, Toys’ R’Us and major department stores.



The Rarity Book-tique playset is a versatile one – gallop through three different rooms with your Rarity pony. Pamper her in the spa or flip the page to take her to the boutique and style her get up.

B1372 My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Rarity Book-tique, $59.90, Toys R’Us and major department stores.

My Little Pony Friendship Celebration is available for smartphones for free in the App Store and Google Play.