August 19, 2015

Behind every collection is a story of its inspiration. And for Dr. Martens, they set out to embody certain styles that are in line with their own and have impacted the fashion industry in one way or another. This Fall, the prominent UK brand takes on a style that was born in London in the 80s as the antithesis of mundane societal conformities, fashion trends and “current looks”. Sounds like a match that was fated to come together eventually, especially since they’re pretty much the poster child of individualism and standing up for your beliefs. The “Spirit of Buffalo” collection marks the 30th anniversary of this movement, and sees the brand teaming up with Jamie Morgan and Barry Kamen, founding members of the collective movement known as Buffalo, to create a contemporary interpretation of this rebellious, yet timeless form of self-expression that has become an ubiquitous influence on present-day fashion. Both Jamie and Barry tells us more about the spirit of Buffalo when we met at the global launch in London. By Adam Kerr.

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