August 5, 2015

1. Swatch 


First to hop onto the bandwagon on our top 5 list of SG50 Fashion items is everybody’s favourite brand of watch. We’ve seen the brand grow into a wardrobe staple with its sleek design and constant reinvention over the years. You’ve probably owned a pair of two in the past (i know i have) but if not, here’s a good reason to head to your nearest Swatch store. No guesses as to what colours the Limited edition collectible watches come in (red and white, if you were genuinely wondering); definitely subtle enough to be something you’d still wear years from now without it screaming: “SG50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Retailing at $69 and available at all Swatch stores.




45R joins in the celebration all the way from Japan with their exclusive SG50 designs, just for the golden jubilee. Keeping the cut and fabric similar to their signature bestseller, this range of SG50 t-shirts are a perfect fit into your wardrobe this 9th of august especially with it’s breathable material that makes it weather-friendly if you’re one of the lucky ones watching this years National Day Parade live at the Padang.

Available from $130 onwards, until national day (9th Aug) at 45R, Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road #01-13/14. 


3. Charles & Keith



You wouldn’t want to lug around a huge bag during the four day weekend, would you? Especially since we all know how crowded it gets during public holidays. This Charles & Keith boxy messenger bag makes the cut with its size and bold shade of red. Perfect for the occasion, don’t you think? For all you party-goers, the removable strap makes it perfect for all the party-hopping you’ll be doing this weekend. The best part? It’s not plastered with the SG50 logo, making it a piece you’d be likely to carry around even after National day.

Retailing at SGD 69.90 and available in limited pieces and sold exclusively at CHARLESKEITH.COM.

4.Laselle X Tangs




Take a peek into the minds of the young and the talented with Lasalle’s recent collaboration with Tangs; an  SG50-themed capsule collection designed by none other than the design students at Lasalle. This collection, dubbed ‘Plicated’, is designed by Ng Sunita Sumawi and it features the folding techniques of the Samsui woman’s signature red hat; one of the icons of Singapore, if you ask us. Can’t think of a better way to really celebrate 50 years of independence for our country than to support the local design scene. This collection is one of many collections that will be sold at TANG at Tang plaza.

Plicated an other selected SG50-themed collections will be available at TANG at Tang plaza, level 2.

5. MCM



Last but not least, these cute lion charms have grown on us since our last entry and we hope it has on you too. Talk about being in a lion city, huh? If you’re not into dressing in our patriotic colours this weekend, hanging this on your wallet (or bag, as we mentioned above) will do just fine. Besides, how can you resist such that cute red leather jacket?

Available at all MCM stores at $450 in limited quantities.