August 25, 2015

There are many reasons why one would go for a Freitag handbag. It’s durable. It’s industrial-looking and utterly unique, since it’s constructed with recycled truck tarp. It’s, then, eco-friendly. And despite how “practical” it sounds, it still looks good with any outfit you’ve got on.

We all know the drill – Zurich-based Freitag’s “truck till bag” philosophy means they convert truck tarps, from retired trucks after they’ve been on the road for at least five years, into bags and accessories. Talk about sustainability. We have to say though, limiting the raw materials to truck tarps, essentially recycling them, is no mean feat. That’s a painstaking process of removing eyelets, buckles and other hardware, and then cutting, washing, selecting and stitching the durable material. Each bag is also unique because no two truck tarps are exactly the same.

As for the F551 Sally, it’s considered the little sister of another shopper bag, the F62 Peggy, and will replace the model. Made for young urbanites, probably due to the industrial feel of the material, it’s easy to store items safely, thanks to a top zipper and easily-accessible inner pockets. What’s really impressive about Sally, other than its one-of-a-kind colourways, is how it’s shaped like a handbag, yet we know how sturdy it really is. No unsightly scratches or tears. No heartbreak.

Freitag F551 Sally, $395, available at Actually, including Orchardgateway, #03-18.