August 25, 2015

The start of the Fall/Winter season means we can expect a whole slew of beauty launches hitting the market. While experimenting with new shades for the eyes, cheeks and lips gets us way too excited every year, we’ve come to realise new base makeup is worth focusing on, too – after all, before all that colour goes on, it’s important to first get the canvas right. Here are some new foundation innovations to expect in the coming months, proving that base makeup can be as fun to play with as well.

Main image: courtesy MAKE UP FOR EVER



Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Powder Makeup, $55, available at Clinique counters

The common advice is not to pile makeup on top of a breakout, but we feel like that’s one of the hardest pieces of advice to follow, because really, when you’re struggling with blemishes, all you want to do is hide them as well as possible. Now that Clinique has launched an anti-blemish powder foundation, we can all cover up guilt-free, since the salicylic acid in it has an exfoliating function and speeds up the skin’s healing process. The applicator has a puff side to provide heavier coverage for imperfections, and a sponge side for sheerer coverage. Bonus: it’s anti-bacterial as well, because we all know what a dirty makeup sponge can do to the skin.



EBa060-Smooth On Liquid Foundation UV_zpsvy7hh7rl
KOSÉ Esprique Smooth On Liquid Foundation UV, $54, available at KOSÉ counters from October

The novelty of this liquid foundation is in how it’s applied: You place the bouncy sponge that comes with a flat surface onto the trampoline mesh lid in the foundation jar, as the elasticity in the mesh changes the texture of the product from jelly to liquid, so you can easily stamp it onto your skin. This one takes us back to our childhood obsession with stamps.



ettusais Aqua Foundation_480x320 Studio Waterweight Foundation, $62 shu00
ettusais Aqua Foundation, $28, available at ettusais counters; M.A.C Studio Waterweight Foundation, $62, available at M.A.C stores and counters from Sep 11; shu uemura skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation, $68, available at shu uemura stores and counters

This is definitely the new big thing in foundation, as a good number of big brands are putting out their own takes on the water-based foundation. There’s ettusais’ Aqua Foundation, formulated specifically to stand up to heat and humidity and with a lotion-based formula to keep skin hydrated at the same time. M.A.C’s Studio Waterweight Foundation has a texture that the brand calls an “elastic gel serum”, for a water-like feel without compromising on coverage. The shu uemura skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation goes for lighter, buildable coverage, to achieve that your-skin-but-better effect.


Ultra High-Definition

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation, $72, Sephora stores

We guess it makes sense that foundations have to be upgraded as cameras take sharper and sharper pictures. Make Up For Ever is launching an update of their iconic HD Foundation, because while not all of us need to be in front of 4K television cameras, it’s reassuring to know that with this on, our skin will look absolutely flawless in front of the best of camera lenses. The magic is in the ultra-fine light-reflecting particles that cover imperfections in the most subtle way, and in the radiance boosters that make the skin glow at the same time.


Micro oils

RMK Airy Powder Foundation, $16 for case, $65 for refill, and $16 for foundation brush, available at RMK counters from September

Oils can be good as foundations, as long as they don’t come in the texture of an actual oil, of course. RMK has cleverly broken beneficial oils into micro-sized particles that are than incorporated into its Airy Powder Foundation, so the skin gets all of the nourishment with none of the oiliness, in a coverage that resembles that of a liquid while still remaining light.