August 18, 2015

Main image: Instagram @glamglowmud

We know a number of people who swear by GlamGlow’s muds, for their ability to seriously suck all the gunk right out of your pores, while incredibly leaving your skin moisturised at the same time. The one we’ve tried recently is the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, and that thing is one super mud indeed, as you can almost tangibly feel your pores being cleaned out while the mask is on. Sure, it hardens quite a bit and you won’t be able to move your face much until it’s rinsed off, but the clearer and softer skin you get as a result is well worth the very slight discomfort.

Now, we’re getting excited because GlamGlow is about to launch an all-new mud: The FLASHMUD is a brightening treatment, with a high-tech combination of natural active ingredients that work together to even out and improve the skin tone, optimise skin translucency, and boost the skin’s ability to reflect light. GlamGlow is known for relying on natural ingredients in their high-tech formulas, and we really like that they don’t need scary chemicals to make good skincare.



The FLASHMUD should be used three days in a row if you want better results the first time round. Subsequently, use it two to three times a week to keep your even skin tone consistent. Apply to a dry face using circular motions, and leave it on for at least 20 minutes – the mud will turn translucent as it’s left on.


GlamGlow FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment, $92. Available at escentials stores from September. glamglowmud.com