August 26, 2015

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Cult New York perfume company Le Labo is one of the coolest scent makers we’ve come across, because they hand-make your fragrances in front of you, then stick on a personalised label on the bottle before presenting it to you. Talk about a great customer experience – perfume-buying really doesn’t get more intimate than that.

Another really cool thing about Le Labo is their City Exclusives collection, a range of nine scents inspired by the cities that the brand has standalone boutiques in. The thing about each scent is it’s only available in the city it’s inspired by and nowhere else, with the Le Labo site even bearing this disclaimer: “our teams do not take phone or online orders”. No exceptions, besides just one month a year in September, when the entire collection is made available across Le Labo stores and counters across the world.

So from next month, the collection will be available in Singapore exclusively at escentials Paragon. Since Singapore isn’t represented in the range, it’ll be your only chance to get a hold of any of the scents at all. Remember: this only takes place once a year, so act fast.


Le Labo City Exclusives Collection

Tubereuse 40

Tubereuse 40 (New York): Tuberose, bergamot, tangerine, orange flower, white floral, cedar, sandalwood, oak moss, musks and ambrette

Poivre 23

Poivre 23 (London): Bourbon pepper

Musc 25

Musc 35 (Los Angeles): Vetiver, ambergris, musk, synthetic civet

Gaiac 10

Gaiac 10 (Tokyo): Gaiac wood, musks, cedar, incense

BaieRose 26

Baie Rose 26 (Chicago): Pink pepper, clove, cedar, aldehyde, eternal rose absolute, musks, ambrox

Limette 37

Limette 37 (San Francisco): Bergamot, jasmine, petit grain, clove, vetiver, tonka beans, musks

Cuir 28

Cuir 28 (Dubai): Leather, wood, natural vanilla absolute

Vanille 44

Vanille 44 (Paris): Vanilla

Benjoin 19

Benjoin 19 (Moscow): Incense, amber, cedar, musks


Le Labo City Exclusive Collection, $454 each. Available exclusively at escentials #03-02/05 Paragon from 1 to 30 September 2015.