August 7, 2015

It’s finally here; the Golden Jubilee Weekend that everyone has been anticipating. Whether or not you’re still in Singapore or have taken flight to make use of the long weekend, Singapore is celebrating a huge milestone. We might be still considered a “young nation” in the eyes of the world, but 50 years is something we should be proud of. And even if you’re not, well, the term “SG50” has been shoved in our faces whether we like it or not; from promotions to terrible puns and advertisements. But one of the few SG50 things that are pretty awesome to have are the tech products that have been created to celebrate the 50 years. I mean, our country’s only gonna turn 50 once, so why not own a piece of history in that sense?

Klipsch Reference R6i Earphones SG50 Edition


Black, gold and bold. Well not exactly gold, it’s actually copper accents. Klipsch takes the same makings of the legendary Reference home theatre and incorporates it into the R6i for superior performance. It’s fashioned out of aluminium and elastomer, and features flat cabling for extra durability. Enjoy the brand’s signature sound (high efficiency, low distortion and wide dynamic range) through the 6.5mm dual magnet micro-speaker. Also, if anything goes wrong with it, you’re covered for a year.

Klipsch Reference R6i Earphones SG50 Edition, $199. Available at EpiCentre, iStudio, Challenger, Harvey Norman and online.

Nakamichi SG50 Range of Bluetooth Speakers


So Nakamichi launched not one, but three new Bluetooth speakers for Singapore’s 50th birthday. Talk about embracing Singapore’s culture (read: kiasu). But then again, the more the better, right? This renowned Japanese high-fidelity audio brand has integrated a microphone on all three Bluetooth speakers in case you want to act like you have an important conference call, apart from just using it to listen to your music.

My Hikari BT Speaker, $50 (left)
So the cool thing about this is that it has changing LED lights that sync with the music and rhythm. And if you’re completely obsessed with selfies, it comes with a remote shutter mode that lets you take photos from your phone with a press of a button on the speaker. Multi-tasking – how very Singaporean.

My Taiko BT Speaker, 1 for $29, 2 for $50 (middle)
It has a certified waterproof level of IPX6, so it’s perfect for you to bring along when outdoor activities, or when you’re at the beach with friends. The attached hook makes it easy to strap on to your bag while you cruise down the streets of Singapore on your pennyboard.

My Iwau BT Speaker, $50 (right)
So if for some reason, you’re at home and your mobile device is running low on battery and you don’t have a charger (or can’t be bothered to get up to charge yoru phone), this speaker has an AUX playback option so you can continue listening to your music by plugging in. Also, the durable hard silicone exterior allows it withstand water splashes and doesn’t require much maintenance.

The Nakamichi SG50 Range, available at Challenger, GainCity @ Marina and Love Mobile outlets.

thecoopidea Power Block SG50 Limited Edition


No, this isn’t a portable charger, but it IS small enough to bring around when you’re travelling (especially if you’re with friends). This Power Block features 10.6A of power output and lets you charge five devices at maximum speed. That means you don’t have to fight with your temporary housemates over socket space, and deciding who gets to charge their mobile devices first. Definitely handy.

thecoopidea Power Block SG50 Limited Edition, $99. Avail at Challenger, EpiCentre, iStudio & Nubox.

LINE “We Love SG50!” Stickers


The way we communicate with people was revolutionised with the advent of mobile phones. And then the apps came. And now, stickers. LINE has been super successful in pushing out their stickers to help express what we’re trying to say to our friends over text messaging. More than just a messaging app, LINE has created a few Singaporean centric stickers that represent the best of our daily lifestyle and cultural idiosyncrasies most of us can identify with. They’re typical Singapore colloquialisms and things that are very Singaporean.

LINE “We Love SG50” Sticker Set, available for free to all Singaporean LINE users. Head to the Sticker Shop within the app to download it. 

Canon SG50 Limited Edition PowerShot G7 X


If you’re going to be out and about this weekend, why not immortalise your SG50 memories with a camera that pays homage to our country’s Golden Jubilee? One of Canon’s top-selling cameras, the PowerShot G7 X, has been redesigned for this very joyous and momentous occasion. It is accented with a built-in striking red ring control that lets you make quick and easy adjustments to basic functions. This hue of red is signature to both Singapore and the brand, and represents passion (of course). The top plate features the SG50 emblem, which is now synonymous as a celebratory mark among Singaporeans. The ZoomPlus technology lets you zoom up to an extended 8.4x while preserving high image quality. Other features include a 31-point AF, WiFi and NFC support and a bright f/1.8 lens with a large one-inch type 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor.

Canon SG50 Limited Edition PowerShot G7 X, $829. Only 500 units available at Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Harvey Normal and Canon authorised distributors and dealers.