August 31, 2015

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LA Splash has recently released a range of Harry Potter-inspired shades for their Smitten Liptint Mousse liquid lipsticks, and basically, Potterheads are going cray-cray. We’re talking names like “Bellatrix” for a vampy deep purple that’s almost as dark as the heart of Voldemort’s right hand woman, “Ravens Claw” for a elegant crimson that’s as regal as Hogwarts’ most intelligent house, while “Hermione” is somewhat unexpectedly a bright berry tone – we expected something more, well… studious.


(Image from: LA Splash Cosmetics Facebook page)

Maybe the shades aren’t as representative of the characters as the diehard fans would like them to be (we think “Nagini”, a poisonous-looking green, is pretty spot-on though), the CEO of LA Splash’s parent company has explained to Refinery29 that these lipsticks “are not a representation of Harry Potter or any of Harry Potter’s licensed products”, and are merely “absolutely inspired by Harry Potter”. It’s okay, we think they’re pretty magical anyway.


LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse, $28. Available at Mirror Image Academy, #03-114 Hong Lim Complex or contact LA Splash via Facebook message at for details on how to order.