August 3, 2015

Let’s face it – we dread when something we like becomes way too common. As a result  we start to tend towards the total opposite. At one point, being hipster was, as it was meant to be – hipster. Then everyone started going hipster and hipster became the mainstream. Its successor could be said to be normcore – an affinity for dressing normal again – a reasonable move since people need a break from the effort required to look a certain new way. We guess we could derive the pattern from the Marc Jacobs Pre-Fall 2015 Collection. Case in point: Smiley faces have decorated our letters and journals for ever, and not too long ago Tyra Banks’ Smize (the act of smiling with your eyes) became all the rage. Marc Jacobs seems to be the normcore of the Emoji world – the one tending towards the polar opposite in admittance of a particular loyalty to life as it simply is – that it isn’t all smiles. Yet there is something hyperbolically satirical about the in-your-face Unsmiley motif that makes it lighthearted and lovable. Imagine wearing the Unsmiley sweater on a rainy day – it would be an aptly exaggerated display of your mood in relation to the weather – now that’s sure to put a smile on people’s faces.

The Marc Jacobs Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, priced from $150, is available at Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques at #01-11 Mandarin Gallery, #03-21 Ion orchard and #01-11 Raffles City Shopping Centre.