August 4, 2015

This August, IKEA is offering us fun options to satisfy the foodie in us while keeping everything satisfyingly organised. From new customisable kitchen designs to refresh the look of your food lab to cute mason jars, it’s enough to get us back on track to that healthy eating plan, and do it economically. Here’s our picks of things to look out for at IKEA:

MÄRSTA Kitchen Front, doors for $72 each, drawers for $48 each

This kitchen front with customisable accents of oak, brown, pink and white will throw those kitchen renovation plans out the door and save you a whole lot.

FESTMÅLTID Lunch Box, $5.90 and BLANDNING Lunch Box for Salad $6.90

Save money and leftovers by bringing lunch to work in this leak-proof lunchbox with snazzy dividers.

IKEA_BLANDNING lunch box for salad (lifestyle)

BEHAFULL Cutlery, 24-piece cutlery set for $49.90

The clean and simple lines of this stainless steel cutlery set make for elegant accents to your home.

IKEA_BEHAGFULL 24-piece cutlery set (lifestyle)

JÄTTEVIKTIG Candle Holder, set of 2 for $23.90

Add a little romance into your room with these functional candle holders – they can be used on their own, together, or combined into a candelabra, and can hold both candles and tea lights.

HEMSMAK Collection Jar with Lid, $3.90

Grow your own edible greens in these nifty jars. Colour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen) HEMSMAK Bottle with stopper $3.90

Keep your freshly pressed juices in these carafes that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

IKEA_HEMSMAK bottle with stopper (lifestyle)

Shop the new IKEA products and limited edition HEMSMAK Collection at IKEA stores.