September 10, 2015

It’s September. And usually around this time, our team likes to start predicting who’ll be on the bill for next year’s Laneway Festival. And funnily enough, while we were casually discussing it over lunch just last week, the announcement of the date and location (same place, of course) was made recently. It’s always exciting to see which artists would launch new material during this period because that’s usually a telling sign of who might be on the bill (just our theory). But of course, we have more than four months to go before it happens. We can perhaps slowly gear up for the annual music pilgrimage to The Meadow at Gardens By The Bay with some upcoming releases this month (in no particular order).


Every Open Eye by CHVRCHES

Photo credit: CHVRCHES Website

If anything, Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty left us wanting more when they performed their hits from their debut album “The Bones of What You Believe” in Singapore last year. If the singles like “Leave A Trace” and “Never Ending Circles” which they’ve released about a month ago are any indication of things to come in their sophomore record, then consider us stoked to get our hands on it.
Release Date: 25 September 2015


Caracal by Disclosure

Photo credit: Disclosure’s Website

Though they did swing by Singapore for a DJ set at Zouk last year, it’s clear that we weren’t thoroughly satisfied. This English electronic duo brought a fresh spin on the big beat sound that was often associated with acts like Chemical Brothers and won the hearts (and ears) of a huge mass of people. Two years on, they celebrate their triumphant return with “Caracal”. We have no qualms that this record – especially after the release of tracks like “Holding On”, “Omen” and “Willing & Able” – is gonna provide us with a sound that’s more raw, and embodying the same highly satisfying house beats and thumping basslines. Besides, they’ve already announced other collabs with artistes like The Weeknd, Lorde, Miguel and more on the record, so that’s something big we’re psyched to groove to.
Release Date: 25 September 2015


Me by Empress Of

Empress Of
Photo credit: Empress Of’s Website

While it’s true that we are all a product of the people we hang out with, music we listen to and pretty much every other external factors out there, what we usually bring to the table is usually something very special, and Honduran-American singer-songerwriter Lorely Rodriguez, or better know by her moniker Empress Of, is just that. Her music sounds like someone threw music from Mø, Halsey and Grimes, blended it with the electronic stylings of Au Revoir Simone and Purity to produce this glossy, shimmering rendition of synthpop that is still experimental at best, but not to the point of straying too far into a limbo that many people cannot reach. Hers is a work of art. It’s awesome that she’s finally releasing an EP, after producing a slew of colour-coded sample tracks on YouTube.
Release Date: 11 September 2015


Back To The Woods by Angel Haze

Angel Haze
Photo credit: The Fader

We love us some bad girls, especially the ones that speak their mind and wax lyrical about pretty much anything and everything; even if it means pissing people off. Angel Haze was nominated for the “Best Video With A Social Message” award at las year’s MTV VMAs, but lost out to Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts (let’s face it: 2014 was Bey’s year). We’re all familiar with her being smooth as melted chocolate as she spits fire on her records, but this Babe Ruthless (second single from this upcoming release, btw) is flexing her versatility with her smooth, pop-like vocals in “Moonrise Kingdom”, which was just released today.
Release Date: 14 September 2015


Ones & Sixes by Low

Photo credit: Pitchfork

If you’ve seen the Pixar epic, Inside Out, then you’ll probably agree that if we took a look at Sadness’ music playlist, it’ll probably be full of Low’s songs. But it’s okay, because we all need our downtime and no matter what people say, sometimes it’s nice to just embrace the sadness and indulge in catharsis. This American indie rock has straddled between the alternative and indie rock genres with their music, which some people have categorised as slowcore – music that’s characterised by dreary lyrics from the heart, downbeat melodies and downtempo, minimalistic musical arrangements. Definitely something we think would be apt for TV dramas like The O.C. (oh the memories), One Tree Hill (this too) and Grey’s Anatomy (how is this still running without Derek and Cristina?!). They’ve toured with Radiohead on the Europe leg in 2003 and have been featured on the extremely popular UK show, Skins.
Release Date: 11 September 2015


Rub by Peaches

Photo credit: Peaches’ Website 

Peaches is back with her sixth studio album “Rub”, her first in six years. This Canadian electroclash femme fatale is no stranger to bend gender norms and writing super explicitly sexual lyrics for her music. She’s just released a crazy video for “Dick in the Air”, the third track in “Rub”. She’s teamed up with comedienne Margaret Cho for the video, all dressed up in what seems like beheaded onesies with danging… penises as they go running and do other explicit stuff. In “Rub” she’s teamed up with fellow feminists icons like Feist and Kim Gordon. She last performed in Singapore at Zirca five years back. But with new material, do you think she might make an appearance at next year’s Laneway?
Release Date: 25 September 2015


Anthem For Doomed Youth by The Libertines

The Libertines
Photo credit: The Libertines

Nobody thought another Libertines’ album would ever see the light of day, but well, it turns out most of us were wrong. So wrong. This is The Libertines, resurrected; ready to play the pants off anybody who’s willing to listen (and of course their loyal fans). They’ve had a good run with two blazing studio albums in the garage rock revival, which were produced by Mick Jones of The Clash. The old gang may be back but will they be bashing through with a raucous repertoire, or will they be a little more mellow, a little more reflective? We’ll know soon.
Release Date: 11 September 2015


The Names by Baio

Photo credit: Baio’s Website

It seems like the bassist of Vampire Weekend has been dabbling in some electronic goodness; but you already knew that. In April, he made the announcement that he’ll be releasing a debut album that would contain, in his words, “Bowie and Ferry-influenced pop songs and dumbsmart arena techno”. The first song that off the album, “Brainwash yyrr Face”, is a minimal little dance number that’ll probably make its ways onto the playlists in lush clubs and lounges soon enough (if they already haven’t).
Release Date: 18 September 2015


Music Complete by New Order

New Order
Photo credit: New Order’s Website

New Order!!! Finally. It’s their first album without their original bassist, Peter Hook. The current lineup sees Bernard Sumner on vocals, Stephen Morris on drums, guitarist Phil Cunningham, bassist Tom Chapman and the return of keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, who left in 2001). New Order has been dabbling between using guitars or electronics in their music, but with Gillian back, “Music Complete” is bound to strike a balance between the two.
Release Date: 25 September 2015