September 23, 2015

As with many of our favourite trusty Japanese brands, Artisan & Artist is no outlier to the characteristic benchmark of functionality combined with pleasing aesthetics. It’s no wonder professionals rely on their line of makeup brushes whose hairs are 100% natural; and especially with its rich history and meticulous production process, you could say it’s a stroke of genius.

As with every blank canvas, your face deserves luxurious brushes to complete the work of art. Built on a history of production of calligraphy brushes, artist pens and facial brushes, Artisan & Artist’s Makeup Brush SGP Series is based on the same traditional production methods and is made in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture, known for the production of the best brushes globally. Founder of Artisan & Artist, Sejichiro Hangui came from a background of industrial design in the automotive industry when his interest shifted to bags. On creating a highly practical makeup bag that could store all makeup products in separate compartments, he was commissioned by Barneys New York to create a customised series of pouches to be launched in the Barneys New York store in Shinjuku. Since, Sejichiro Hangui nurtured his interest in catering to the needs of artists; he worked closely with them and has been approached by world-class brands including Armani, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, for his expertise in creating holistic solutions that are both aesthetic and sensible. The brand has grown exponentially to be trusted for choosing precise materials, being creative and progressive, and meeting the needs of professionals, all while maintaining the beauty of their products. As if we needed more reason pick up one for ourselves already, they remain transparent about their almost fully handmade production process, which entails several methods that have been passed down the generations. Firstly, the brushes are each made up of different natural hairs – to suit varying purposes. A machine then mixes these different hairs and adjusts them evenly. An artisan would rid the mixture of upside down hairs and comb out hairs that stood out. The hairs are measured, clasped together, and then shaped with a wooden mould. After the handles are fixed, the brushes are check for malleability and quality. Finally they are packaged, ready to be held in your artistic hand.  

While Artisan & Artist’s makeup brushes have you covered for your every makeup need, it’s tough to choose which brush to try out first.Here are our most-loved weapons of choice – now we have no excuse not to brush up on our makeup skills.


SGP-01 – Face Powder Brush, $74.90

One stroke of this brush will make you melt. It’s made with 100% SOKOUHU, the highest quality of goat hair, for a tender but firm relationship with your skin. It securely retains the face powder for minimal fall out while spreading it evenly onto your face. Also, its tapered shape not only allows easy control but it lets you to deposit an amount of powder that’s just enough.  

SGP-20 – Finishing Brush, $149

The final touch to your makeup regime should feel as indulgent as the first step. This brush, made fully with grey squirrel hair is very gentle on the skin. Its abundant bristles will swipe away any access powder and give your finished look a natural silkiness.  

SGP-08 – Eyebrow Brush, $26.90

A full look of makeup isn’t complete without properly framing your features, that is, via your eyebrows. If you aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with naturally defined and full brows, this brush will solve your brow woes. It’s made with 100% water badger hair that’s robust and smooth, and is perfect for getting that define edge at the thin corner of the eyebrow. Use it also to shade in colour for a more natural effect after first drawing in your brows with an eyebrow pencil. Dip it in water when using a powder type eyebrow filler.  

SGP-18 – Lip Brush, $36.90

Perfect your pout with this lip brush made from kolinksy hair, which will retain its rigidity despite being penetrated with lipstick. Its bristles retrieve just enough product to create a sheer wash of colour with just two coats and its straight edge enables it to double as a lip liner – who doesn’t love a two-in-one?  

Artisan & Artist Makup Brush SGP Series, priced from $29.90 to $149, is available at Cosmoprof Academy at #B1-16 PoMo. artisan-n-artist.com