September 18, 2015

We get it; you’re a busy professional who has two smart phones – one for work and one for your personal life. And most of the time, one of the smart phones is particularly lousier in terms of specs and features than the other. Doesn’t it annoy you to have to bring around two phones, and having to switch between different interfaces all the time? With HTC’s new One E9+ Dual Sim smartphone, you’ll be able to switch between two SIMs on one device without having to compromise form for function. The sophisticated-looking smartphone takes cues from the HTC One and is packed with a 5.5-inch 2K large display, MediaTek helio™X10 processor and octa-core (8 x 2GHz) chipset to ensure smooth performance. The amazing display is matched with an equally amazing sound thanks to the HTC BoomSound™, a dual front-facing speaker with Dolby Audio Surround that delivers richer and more detailed sound. The One E9+ Dual Sim also boasts a 20-megapixel rear camera with 4K video recording capabilities. And like the HTC One, the E9+ Dual Sim’s front-facing camera features the popular wide-angled UltraPixel™ technology that allows 3 times more light to enter for brighter shots. Despite being loaded with a ton of features, the E9+ Dual Sim maintains a slim form factor.

The HTC One E9+ Dual Sim comes with 3GB of RAM, 32GB on-board storage and an expandable memory of up to 2TB microSDXCTM card slot (cards not included). Available in Gold Sepia and Rose Gold at M1 and all major retailers for $698.

WIN! We’re giving away a set of HTC One E9+ Dual Sim in Gold Sepia. For a chance to win, simply fill in the form below by Sunday, 20 Sep, 12pm.


  • Celiss Wang

    Hope to win this badly! Cheers!

  • Saffire Ng Xinying

    Always a fan of HTC and i always will be. Since the start of HTC smap, till Incredible S, till Desire 601, till HTC Butterfly. Nothing beats my love for HTC. Thank you Nylon Singapore for having this giveaway. I really do hope i’ll win.

  • Sayeem Chowdhury

    Having used HTC one s from 2011 then HTC butterfly s from 2013 till now, in need of an upgrade. Hope to win this as I have always used HTC which is the best android phone. An avid fan. Thanks Nylon Singapore.

  • Nour Maya Ramli

    This be a Surprise gift for my upcoming Bday on 2nd Oct!!

  • Valerie Chee

    Have always wanted to try HTC in need of a upgrade!! Pls let me win it!! Thank u Nylon SG!!

  • Petrina Pang

    Filled in form! Hope to win. Cross fingers 🙂

  • Tay Linda

    Want to give this surprise to my hubby on our 11th anniversary in October… this 11 year is not easy but we have been though together…

  • Juni Lin

    Perfect, a new mobile for my mum who needs to carry two mobiles (work and personal)!

  • sabine klinke

    klasse gewinn

  • Muhammed Munir

    Filled in the form. I need to replace my Samsung phone (LAG Much!) To this beautif u HTC E9+ Gold. Crossing my fingers ✌

  • Walter Loh

    Great contest. Hope I can win.

  • Vivienne Ong

    Fingers crossed! The white one is really pretty too! Please Nylon!! 😀

  • Kate YL Tan

    Fingers XXX. I really like HTC phones!

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    I want to win this [contest] two of a kind

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    I hope to win this set of HTC One E9+ Dual Sim in Gold Sepia.

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    Hope to win set of HTC One E9+ Dual Sim in Gold Sepia. because my HTC Desire isdying soon.

  • Josie JL

    Thank you Nylon Singapore for this fabulous giveaway.

  • Maria

    Fantastic: the Dolby Audio Surround and wide-angled UltraPixel™ technology and the sleek design! I hope to be the very lucky one to own these!

  • Celiss Wang

    Really hope to win a new set of HTC One E9+ Dual Sim in Gold Sepia for my brother because he is strict HTC mobile supporter!!!!

  • Zhang Jie

    One for @zhang@zhang_jie:disqus and other for me.

  • LongKoon Er

    I am in to win this

    NYLON Singapore Giveaway [HTC One E9+ Dual Sim]

  • Esther Kam

    Hope to be be the lucky person to win this HTC phone. Thank you for this giveaway.

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    I need to upgrade my current HTC ONE M7 to this! Please let me win!

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