September 22, 2015

There’s a Japanese saying, nokorimono ni wa fuku ga aru, which translates to, “luck exists in the leftovers” or “there is luck in the last helping”. It’s usually a word of consolation for one who isn’t fast enough to grab their share in a pack of hungry wolves. When it comes to these Japanese cafés though, you’ll be needing a lot of luck because it’s highly likely your party will be competing to get more on their plates. Then again, if you’re the leisurely type, you won’t need luck as an incentive to lick up the crumbs. Why? We’re talking signature Japanese desserts, matcha drinks, matcha treats and other dishes that will get your mouth watering. Did we mention matcha? And while we’re still catching onto Japan’s very advanced and competitive café scene, there are a handful of Japanese cafés that have recently sprouted here – and our forks are at the ready. By Angeline Wong.

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