September 16, 2015

Homegrown label Fictive Fingers has done it again. Create pouches and tote bags so lovely that we can’t wait to be seen carrying them around.

Everyone loves a good tote bag, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t resist buying pouches to sort out all the items in our bags. As for Fictive Fingers, they pride themselves in the fact that every design and print is dreamed up and executed by them, right in their studio – that includes sketching, selecting the fabric, and testing out the different fabric printing techniques. Rather than bright, clashing colours, what they love are classic and natural shades, as well as staples that are designed for functional, everyday use. Stuff you’d wanna keep for a long time and never switch out. We could get used to that.

Their new and improved totes are set to be the ultimate carry-all. After their first edition, they’ve edited it to make it seem more lightweight (strap length to size of bag ratio) with a bigger base. Now, it’s made of a high-quality fabric that can withstand wear and tear, with a comfy strap made from scratch, and comes with an inner pocket for your phone and little items. The Raga Classic Tote comes in Black, and costs $98 each.

As for the pouches, there’s an Everyday Pouch ($55) in their Raga and Bumi prints, suited for essential items or as a makeup pouch. The Raga print is one that we’ve seen before in previous versions, and it’s a pleasing geometric, leaf-like design whose motifs are strategically stamped on the soft linen material. As for Bumi, it’s an abstract, marble-like print that feels organic and hand-drawn all at once. The Signature Pouch ($65) is a larger version that can hold more of your stuff.

Both of these come in shades like Black (gold print on black), Natural (black print on nude) and Oxford (white print on light blue). That particular shade of blue was inspired by the classic blue oxford button-down, and is a beautiful dual-tone blue Indian linen.

Oh, and they hold Basic Fabric Printing Classes too. The next ones will be on these dates: Friday, 25th September, or Saturday, 26th September, or Saturday, 17th October, at $128/person. We actually tried one of their classes before, and far from being intimidating, it was a fun, rewarding experience, despite our not-so artistic fingers. Head here for more info.

Fictive Fingers Pouches and Totes, priced between $55 and $98. Available online