September 8, 2015

You know how annoying it is to have to fight with your siblings over that one, sacred jar of Nutella. Or the sinking feeling upon seeing that somebody else has had first dibs on a new bottle. Well, no one’s gonna dare steal from you, not when you have your name proudly displayed on the label.

The #YourNutella campaign’s finally in Singapore, and the best thing is that you get to have your own name printed on a Nutella jar. Just head to the launch event at Bugis+, from 7 – 13 September, fork out just $5 for an empty jar, key in your name, and have it topped up with your favourite hazelnut chocolate spread in no time.

“For many, Nutella has been a huge part of their childhood, as they enjoyed the spread at breakfast. We recognize the role we played in their lives growing up, and thought it would be great for us to say thank you to our fans for their years of support. Everyone’s name is unique, just like our friendship with our fans and we hope that our #YourNutella campaign would convey our gratitude for their support”, shares Fabian Heymer, Brand Manager for Nutella South East Asia.

Beyond just the launch, you can head to YourNutella.com from 14 September to customise your own labels and have them sent to your home address. From October onwards, participating supermarkets will also carry the name label standees, with selected stores running promotional events for fans to get their own name labels.

Nutella Jars with Customised Labels, $5, available from 7 – 13 September at the Bugis+ atrium. Available online from 14 September, and at participating supermarkets from October. Contribute to the campaign by tagging @NutellaSEA and #YourNutella. YourNutella.com