skin inc

September 22, 2015

Japanese skincare regimes are known for their intricacies – some can involve up to 10 steps at times. But Skin Inc, which has its research & development and manufacturing based in Japan, keeps it straightforward: prep, nourish and seal is all that is necessary. We take these three steps for a test run, to discover what one-size-fits-one skincare can do for us. 



1. Pure Revival Peel

Regular exfoliation is so important to remove the topmost layers of dull skin and reveal brighter skin beneath, and unclog the pores so you can rid your skin of that recurring breakout once and for all.

But peels and scrubs can be abrasive, especially for more sensitive skin. That’s why we really liked switching out our regular sugar scrub for the Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, which is one of the mildest we’ve tried. It’s a clear gel that goes on a lot easier than a scrub
and emulsifies in seconds, which is the cue to start massaging it into the skin. Dead skin cells easily come off in small white pieces resembling eraser dust – it’s incredibly satisfying. After a rinse, the skin feels clean and soft, and instant fresh skin is for you to keep.

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, $71 for 60ml. 



Create Your Own Serums

Keeping track of changes in your skin is as easy as taking the Skin Inc Skin Identity test online and answering a few questions, and within minutes, this clever tool generates an accurate diagnosis that also identifies the three serums that will go into your customised My Daily Dose serum cocktail, so you can be your own beauty alchemist.

Our test results showed that our skin was in a stressed and dehydrated state, so our My Daily Dose contained hyaluronic acid for sustained hydration, Vitamin A to even out the skin tone and treat dark circles, and French pine bark for antioxidant protection. Although it has the texture of a gel, it feels as light as water upon application, so the skin doesn’t feel like it’s struggling to breathe with too much product on. After two weeks, our previously dehydrated skin did feel significantly softer and bouncier.

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Custom Blended Serum, $169 for 30ml. 



3. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

Nothing feels better than slathering on a nourishing moisturiser right before bed, and waking up in the morning with hydrated skin (even if we slept under air-conditioning on full blast). While the Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask can be rinsed off after 30 minutes, we chose to leave it on overnight. No greasy sheets here, because the gel texture is absorbed almost in an instant and really quenches your skin. Our skin still felt pretty supple in the morning, thanks to the hydration from the deep sea Okinawa water as one of the mask’s key ingredients. The fact that it’s free from fragrances and parabens, makes us more than happy to slap on a generous amount every night. Then, make your skincare work harder for you by completing it with a 10-minute instant facial with the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage to boost absorption of active skincare ingredients.

Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, $72 for 30ml. 


Skin Inc is available at the Skin Inc Concept Store at #B3- 43 ION Orchard, at Sephora stores and on