September 22, 2015

It’s always good to have a hobby, as long as it doesn’t consume your entire being. Nobody said that you should abandon the idea altogether; too much of a good thing always comes with its consequences. And if that hobby happens to lie in buying or collection footwear, so be it. It’s the one thing that keeps you sane, keeps your life balanced, and you shouldn’t let anybody take that away from you. By now, you might have a full rack of kicks at home, or perhaps you’ve got so many pairs that they’re starting to spill all over the house. But if you don’t have a pair of Onitsuka Tigers, your collection isn’t complete.

It’s not the first time that Italian designer Andrea Pompilio, who has worked as a Creative Consultant to luxury men’s clothing line Canali, collaborated with Onitsuka Tiger for a seasonal collection. The partnership has brought about a dynamic collection that mixes and draws visual cues from Eastern and Western influences. For this collection, they look to a period of time that most of us who are in our twenties are very familiar to – the 90s. But they don’t really take their inspiration from the period per se, but rather, the cultural and visual elements that it brought us – the worlds of new wave, trip-hop and everything 90s-underground.

And it is in incorporating these aspects into seemingly current silhouettes that sets this collection apart. It was only in the late 80s and early 90s that the sneakers business started booming, and it was usually complemented by a sporty attire that sometimes seemed a little… off. But it worked, especially during a time when creating your identity was the name of the game. The Onitsuka Tiger x ANDREA POMPILIO AW15 embodies this sporty vibe and experiments with a mix of textiles and fabrics, a kind of high-spirited state often associated with the 90s. Think juxtapositions of materials and components – sole on sole, different materials like mesh and leather put together, and more. Bright, contrasting colours are no strangers to Andrea Pompilio’s designs, with orange being a staple in most of the sneakers. Time to get on it.

Onitsuka Tiger x ANDREA POMPILIO Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection, $199-$359. Available at Onitsuka Tiger Concept Shop (VivoCity #02-09) and other selected retailers.