September 8, 2015

We all know how the sweater weather song goes. It was pretty decent at first, till we started seeing it on everyone’s captions when the weather turned grey. But hey The Neighbourhood, why not leather instead? Or faux leather. Yes, faux leather— It isn’t leather per se, but it still looks exactly the same. For many of us, wearing a leather jacket out is not the norm. But when we do actually muster up the courage to put one on to leave the house we often ask ourselves two questions:

1. Why did i wear this out?

2. Why is it so hot? 

And we understand. It is a daunting task, sometimes. Especially because we live on an island where the unpredictability of the weather is a REAL issue. Some days it’s hot and some days… we’re afraid of spontaneously combusting. But don’t let that be a reason why you can’t pick up those leather pieces, especially since you probably paid quite a hefty sum for it. As for leather jackets, there’ll always be the rare, chilly days where all of us singaporeans rejoice in unison. But for days (quite like today) like this, how else can we channel some leather in our getups? Skirts.

Whether it’s a t-shirt or a sweater, a leather (or pleather, of course) skirt is always appropriate at any time of the day. Pair a mini skirt with a t-shirt or even a sweater to give good balance between the textures, and your midi skirts with a crop top for a night out.

We’ll assure you two things: You’ll look hot and no, not literally.










From left to right, top to bottom: By Malene Birger at, Bershka, Topshop, Stradivarius, Alice & Olivia and Saint Laurent at