September 22, 2015

We can’t move forward without first looking into the past. It’s the same with photography. Cameras have come a long way since the camera obscura (it’s that optical device which led to the camera we know today). It has evolved through many generations of photographic technology since the 16th century, like daguerreotypes (what?), calotypes (huh?), dry plates, film and now, digital cameras. Gone are the days where we had to wait patiently to get our films developed at the store (because most of us don’t exactly have a dark room at home). But that doesn’t mean film is dead; it’s still practised by many. In today’s social media generation, it’s all about speed and content sharing. Back then, polaroids were the analogue standard of that. It’s the vintage version of instant gratification. Either way, the common theme here is to create and immortalise memories. Head to any of the photography stores in Funan DigitaLife Mall and you’ll drown in a whole world of cameras. But you’ll realise that it’s usually the Japanese players that come out on top of every salesman’s list. This month, we’ve created a picture-in-picture juxtaposition of using an old medium to introduce new cameras in the market; an ode to photography of sorts. By Adam Kerr. Photographed with the respective cameras.

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