September 4, 2015


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When you’re young and fresh from school, you’re bound to be haunted by the daunting thoughts of “what’s next for me” or “what am i going to do now”. We’ve all been there.

One local designer took her anxieties of being twenty into her creative hands to produce a collection of accessories, inspired by the act of watching the moon to take a break from our hectic lives. Each piece is handcrafted by Pixie, using marbled moon pieces with golden flakes frozen in their organic form. The collection, “& Sleepless Nights” combines simple craft materials such as clay with complex techniques to create jewllery that is clean, timeless and most importantly — eye-catching. Each piece looks like a a tiny slab of marble but without the added cost and fragility.

Whether we’re twenty or thirty, this collection of unique accessories will always stay relevant; we’re bound to have one of those days too, right?

 Of Trying Times is available online at