September 23, 2015

Silk everything – that’s the goal isn’t it? The allure of the material’s lavish feel on the skin and its gorgeous appearance is irresistible. The Japanese even integrated it into their traditional kimono belts by using a technique called kumihimo (braided cord). ARTISAN&ARTIST was inspired by this and sought out to incorporate the technique into camera straps. Photographer Seichiro Hangui founded the brand in 1991, with the intention of collaborating with artisans to create tools that artists from various disciplines need. The Silk Cord Camera Strap, one of the brand’s signature products, is a functional masterpiece that has been cut, worked on and sewn by hand. Besides being pretty, the soft and smooth silk texture and elastic nature of the cord lets you wear it around your neck for a long time (even in our hot weather) as the material breathes through.

ARTISAN&ARTIST Silk Cord Camera Strap (ACAM-301), $179. Available in black, silver, red and khaki at Click Cameras (Funan DigitaLife #04-15), K-13 Marketing (The Adelphi #B1-06) and Orient Photo (Sim Lim Square #06-53).