September 14, 2015

The haze season is really not a good time to be someone who sweats easily. We feel like the smog traps the heat and makes it warmer than it already is this time of the year, which means a moist, bad-smelling hell for anyone with active sweat glands. We know we don’t have to remind you to use deodorant (at least we hope that we don’t), but now is a good time for recommending a really solid deodorant that won’t let you down, no matter how high the mercury and humidity levels go.


That means one that athletes rely on, like the Adidas Climacool Antiperspirant, which is cleverly formulated with capsules that are activated by friction, perspiration and humidity. I.e. the sweatier you get, the stronger the deodorant becomes. And, it has a citrusy scent to boot, the best kind of fragrance to combat nasty pits. Bring thisĀ everywhere.

Try out the Adidas Climacool Antiperspirant in the Aug/Sep edition of our NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box. $38, available here.