September 10, 2015

You’ll love it. We know.

And they certainly went all the way with this one. To celebrate the upcoming sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, CoverGirl has come up with a whole line of beauty looks and limited-edition items – including six new Colorlicious lipsticks and LashBlast Mascaras with iconic film quotes.

It’s worth noting that CoverGirl Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath, was a key force behind this CoverGirl Star Wars Makeup Collection series, since the renowned makeup artist has gone on to create six exciting beauty looks inspired by Star Wars. We’re definitely blown away. This includes looks like “Droid”, “Jedi”, “Dark Apprentice” and “Storm Trooper”, and all these represent either the Light Side or the Dark Side.

star wars - jedi star wars - mystic star wars - dark apprentice star wars - chrome captain

“When preparing these looks, I created mood boards for each of the characters consisting of photographs, works of art, makeup looks, film stills, and actual materials and textures that were inspiring to me,” McGrath tells Forbes. “Each of these characters was given a name, which influenced the creative direction of the character. After a series of tests, the looks evolved and went through many incarnations before we decided on the final look.”

The Jedi, for instance, is defined as primarily good, and happens to be the most natural look out of the lot, with gold and deep browns on the eyes, nude on the skin and lips, albeit with some deep contouring at the sides of her face. Bolder looks include the Droid and the Stormtrooper, both of which we’ve already seen in earlier previews.

starwars - droid star wars - storm star wars - mascaras

If you head to the CoverGirl website, you’ll see the precise products that went into creating the look. The Stormtrooper definitely has a graphic feel, which strangely reminds us of Japanese kabuki makeup, and this was created with a stylised wing liner and dark lips using the line’s Colorlicious Lipstick in Dark Purple. On the other hand, the Droid is gold-accented with shimmery lids, cheekbones and lips for the ultimate C-3PO feel. Pretty spot on, if you ask us.

star wars - resistance pilot star wars - storm look star wars - droid look

What’s more, musician Janelle Monae has also jumped on board, putting her face to the “Resistance Pilot” look. Move over Wedge, we’ve got a new pilot in the house. Her look sees a perfectly-blended mix of gold and blue eyeshadow, highlighted cheekbones and a sheer lip (Colorlicious Lipstick in Gold).

To be honest, most of the looks look great on a poster, and makes us wanna buy every single shade of lipstick out there, but they don’t seem very wearable outside of a costume party. And that’s because they’re meant to inspire. What we can do is look at the actual makeup the beauty brand’s offering, and go from there. So here goes.

star wars - lipstick


Here’s a look at the six Colorlicious Lipsticks in Gold #40, Lilac $20, and Nude #70 for the Light Side, and Dark Purple #50, Red #30, and Silver #10 for the Dark Side. All priced from US$6 to US$8. Thankfully, they’re all wearable shades. The deep plum is very on trend, and you might wanna take reference from the Stormtrooper look, though with a toned-down but still bold graphic liner. The gold and silver can be blended in with your other lip shades for that extra shimmery pout.

star wars - mascara line up

Then, there are the 10 Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascaras, a very apt name we might add. Half of them are “Light Side” and waterproof, while the “Dark Side” ones contain their regular formulas. However, all of them feature quotes from the movies, including “May The Force Be With You”, “You’re My Only Hope” and “Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try”. All priced from US$6 to $US7. No question, we want all of them.

star wars - nails

There are also updated Nail Gloss packaging, in shades Light, Nemesis, and Red Revenge. Priced from US$5 to US$7.

Lastly, we hate to break it to you, but… all these aren’t available in Singapore. However, there’s no harm in buying them off the website, or getting a friend to ship them from US or Australia. No Jedi mind tricks needed, just ask nicely.

CoverGirl Star Wars Makeup Collection. Janelle Monae is wearing the ‘Zana’ earcuff by Bonheur Jewelry, available at

All images credit to CoverGirl.