September 14, 2015

Instead of settling for a standard black or silver coffee machine,┬áhere’s how to make it a standout piece in your kitchen, one that your friends will rave about. And there’s only one step involved: get the new Nespresso Pixie Clips machine.

It’s as simple as customising your machine with an array of exchangeable side panels, so there’s the freedom to dress it however you like. The machine already comes with a pair of clips, but there’s always the option of collecting them all.



There are the cool, subtle ones like Black Cities and Matt & Shiny, the bright and cheery picks like Dots Orange and Lines (Yellow), or interesting good-lookers like White Chess and Jeans. At the launch event, the brand even invited style stars, such as stylist Linda Hao and street photographer Shentonista, to draw inspiration from the panels and decorate a unique space to call their own.

The other parts of the machine are already familiar to us. It comes with two cup size buttons to deliver an Espresso or Lungo coffee, and all you have to do is drop in a coffee capsule, place your cup on the foldable drip tray, and hit go.

The Nespresso Pixie machine, $338, comes with two pairs of clips (Black & Lemon Neon or White & Coral Neon). Decorative panels, a total of 10 original looks, from $28 to $55, can be bought separately. Available at Nespresso boutiques (ION Orchard #01-14, or Takashimaya D.S. B1), from Nespresso Authorized trade partners, online at www.nespresso.com, or via the Nespresso Mobile App.