September 21, 2015

It’s only… September, but getting a diary prepared for next year is important, especially if you’re the kind who loves keeping track of every reminder and event in your life. Organised people would know. Even if you’re not the sort, we bet that the gorgeous colours and patterns of kikki.K’s 2016 Diaries & Calendars collection would make you wanna rush to the store, pronto.

A fresh colour palette helps it stand out from boring, corporate colours – and gives us more motivation to get off our mobile calendar app too. Sure, they’re more tiring to carry around, but a diary’s still a reflection of your style, which is more than what an app can express.

2016 A5 Daily Leather Diary Black Cover_Dated 2016 2016 A5 Daily Leather Diary Watermelon Cover_Dated 2016 2016 A5 Daily Leather Diary Blue Cover_Dated 2016

First up, the simple, sophisticated types would love the 2016 Leather Diaries (available in blue, watermelon and black) with a stylish touch of gold foil lettering, practical elastic closure and stickers. There are even inspiring quotes at the bottom of some pages.

2016 B6 Daily Diary B&W Cover_Dated 20162016 Leather Time Planner Medium Cover_Dated 2016 2016 Leather Time Planner Teal Medium Cover_Dated 2016 2016 Time Planner Be Brave Medium Cover_Dated 2016

We can see these fitting in with any desk, bag, or outfit. The Black & White Diaries have monochromatic pages, useful tabs and special pages and stickers. Try leather planners in these different shades and prints if you’re into stylish organisers that look good.

2016 Weekly Cute Diary Small Cream Cover_Dated 2016 2016 Weekly Cute Diary Small Pink Cover_Dated 2016 2016 A5 Weekly Family Diary Cover_Dated 2016

For added cheer, these Cute Diaries help. You’ll feel like penning everything down thanks to the delightfully illustrated pages, and quirky interactive spreads. Or, go for something bright and patterned.

2016 Desk Calendar B&W Cover_Dated 2016 2016 Desk Calendar Mini Cover_Dated 2016 2016 Desk Calendar Sweet Cover_Dated 2016

And finally, stay organized and keep track of your appointments at a glance, with these desk calendars.

kikki.K’s 2016 Diaries and Calendars collection, now available at kikki.K ION and online at