September 29, 2015

When you think about it, everything we can physically touch, hold, and own is turning digital. Magazines, music, culture… everything. But for an indignant few who refuse to let go, their persistence in consuming entertainment and culture through mediums that have been “tried and tested” for so many decades, have actually caused a resurgence and new demand. From vinyl records to books and magazines, brick-and-mortar stores catering to their tastes – once a disappearing commodity – are making a comeback. The Analog Vault fills this retail gap for both the audiophile and bibliophile under one roof, at their swanky new Esplanade Mall location.

It’s the amalgamation of a few established specialists like Vinylicious Records, The Arkhivist and Magpie Magazines; each bringing with them their own in-depth knowledge of their respective mediums for a specially curated range of products in the store. Besides just the usual sales of goods, The Analog Vault will also entertain their customers with a variety of sessions, like the “Whisky and Jazz” sessions, where patrons can enjoy tasting a variety of whiskeys while listening to jazz recordings on vinyl. Available in-store is a range of used, new and rare records across many genres including (but not limited to) rock, jazz, classical, soundtracks, world and local music. Another unique feature of the store Is its Vinyl Vault where you can find highly sought after vinyl rarities and test pressings.

When you walk through the entrance, look out for an eclectic selection of international literature that spans across topics like music, arts, design, travel, lifestyle and culture, alongside a magazine titles curated by independent online magazine retailer Magpie Magazines on the shelves on the right side of the store.

“We hope that The Analog Vault will also eventually become a salon of sorts, where fellow music and printed page enthusiasts can meet to exchange ideas, learn, and educate each other on the different music genres, artists and authors out there. We would like The Analog Vault to eventually become a place of cultural and creative learning for our customers and visitors alike,” said Sharon Seet, one of the key curators behind The Analog Vault.

Visit The Analog Vault at the Esplanade Mall #02-13. Open daily from 1pm to 9pm.