September 17, 2015

The thought has definitely crossed your mind at least once. Would you be able to survive if there was a zombie apocalypse in Singapore? I mean, it’s a small island and the only weapons we’d be able to get our hands on will be knives and frying pans; maybe air guns that shoots rubber pellets if we’re lucky. Also, how many of us actually know how to successfully break in and hot-wire a car in times of need? Well you can find that out (maybe not any of the illegal stuff) if you participate in the “FOX The Walking Dead Mission Survive”; a time-based game that happens on 3 October within the Marina Bay area. Whether or not you’re a fan of The Walking Dead (and anxiously waiting for Season 6 to premiere on 12 October at 9pm on FOX), gather your four of your friends and work together to overcome 30 mental and physical challenges within a stipulated time limit. Your task is to rack up as many points as you can across these stations to unlock both new stations and the all-important safe zone (to protect you during the zombie apocalypse, of course). You’ll be required to use a specific app to view secret locations, newly unlocked stations, the points you’ve accumulated and the leader board.

There are three kinds of stations situated in and around the Marina Bay Area – Quest Stations let you earn points based on tasks of varying difficulties; Weapon Stations allow you to retrieve weapons to help you in your mission; and Global Missions are challenges based off various scenarios from the previous seasons of the TV series itself. The top five teams with the most number of points stand to win attractive prizes. Are you ready?

Registration for “FOX The Walking Dead Mission Survive” is open from now till 25 September, 2359hrs, at