October 7, 2015

We’re all about technology and the internet these days. No one seems to get off the phone for a decent conversation because we’re all too busy trying to beat our high score on Candy Crush. But okay we’re not complaining, these apps have helped us in one way or another whether it’s checking for the bus schedules or navigating our way out of a street. There are apps for just about everything: Travel, Food, Music, Art and even Fashion. Yes, Fashion has hopped onto the bandwagon as well with its shopping apps like net-a-porter, Zalora, Luxola… You name it, they got it. Shopping has never been made simpler than just with a touch of the ‘Check-out’ button. But besides the obvious shopping apps we’ve grown to love (Yep, Asos we’re talking about you), Luxury brands have found a way to share fashion in a different way, whether its apps that share the latest news and runways, or ones that scan to identify your bag of choice and even photo sticker/filter apps.

1. Chanel

A revised edition of the existing edition, this app is divided into three main sections: The Shows, The News and The Collections to discover in boutiques. “The Show” announces latest shows, in this case it’s their Spring/Summer 2016 show, where you can browse through the looks and view the¬†collection all by sliding left or right. “The News” invites us to take a peek behind the scenes, where we can read about upcoming events of the House and also watch the “making of” ad campaigns. As for the last, well… it’s pretty self explanatory. This section highlights the items that are currently available in store. Which basically means…it is time to shop!

apps_chanel1 apps_chanel2


2. Dior

The DiorMag App, pretty much functions like the Chanel App mentioned above. The highlight though, is the 360 degree show video that takes you back in time to watch the Spring/Summer RTW show as if you were there in person.



Say you’re reading a magazine and you see an Ad for Louis Vuitton with a gorgeous bag and you think, “I. Must. Have. This.”. All you need to do is to whip out your phone and scan the page and voila, the app will tell you exactly what bag it is and where you can find it.


4. Silk Knot by Hermes

Run out of ways to tie your Herm√®s scarf? Don’t worry. This app will give you a bunch of new ideas, and what else you can do with their range of silks. Did you know you could make a top out of a 90cm x 90cm scarf? We didn’t either.

5. UT-Me

Made from Uniqlo, UTMe is a DIY T-Shirt designing app that lets you design a t-shirt of your choice all from the comfort of your phone. From text to pictures that are taken from your iPhone 6 camera itself and even limited edition Singapore stickers, simply press send and Uniqlo will have your tee ready for collection in-stores in a weeks time.

6. Louboutinize by Christian Louboutin

If you can’t get enough of this iconic shoe brand, add a touch of louboutin to your pictures with this Louboutinize app. Choose from 3 filters of “Rouge”, “Legs” & “Crystallize”. We couldn’t resist getting our intern to help us out with this one!


7. Coach

Besides presenting their spring 2016 collection, this app also has two fun functions that got us giggling: #Coachpups and Coach X Peanuts filters. Again, we got our intern to be the guinea pig for this experiment!


8.Chime for Change by Gucci

Besides adding fun stickers to your pictures, we can also help change the world bit by bit; or in this case, chime by chime. Gucci’s Chime for Change is a global campaign to raise funds and awareness for girls and women around the world, promoting health, education and justice. All you have to do is to Chime!