October 14, 2015

Art and fashion have always fostered a fond relationship with each other, looking at the many fashion labels that design based on their influence from art and vice versa. It’s also not limited to the art of today, but also old paintings and sculptures from years ago. That’s the thing about fashion; all it needs is a focus point, a muse, and the rest is history. A good visual to plant in your mind would be YSL’s Piet Mondrian collection back in 1965, as well as the Andy Warhol paintings of Yves Saint Laurent himself. Just as music plays a big role in the fashion industry, art is no stranger either.

These collaborations aren’t limited to the high-end luxury brands; they also spill out to the brands that appeal to the masses too, which in this case is Converse. This latest range pays┬átribute to world renowned artist, Andy Warhol.

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The collection will come in 4 styles, 3 of which are the signature Converse All-stars. If we could choose a favourite, it would be the white leather chucks with Warhol’s iconic “Banana” print. If you didn’t already know, this print was specially designed for The Velvet Underground’s album cover back in the 1960’s when Andy Warhol was their manager. Since then, this Banana has been no stranger to the world of pop art, being one of the more recognisable pieces of work in his name. Also, the Converse logo on the reverse side has been given a makeover with contrasting colours of black and yellow (to match the banana, of course.) We may not all be able to afford million dollar paintings or sculptures but thanks to the brilliant minds in fashion, at least we can walk away wearing a fragment of it.

The Andy Warhol x Converse collection is now available at Converse outlets at Bugis Junction, Junction 8, JEM, Tampines Mall, Vivo City, Orchard ION, NEX, Ngee Ann City and Captiol Piazza from $109 to $149.