October 26, 2015

When it comes to jewellery, we all have different tastes — Some of us prefer pick out loud, statement necklaces rather than tiny, dainty ones. There’s always an occasion for our bling-ed out accessories but for our less dressed up days, Curious Creatures would be the likely option to dress down our tees and jeans.

There seems to be an uprising in handmade jewellery these days, like Of Trying Times , In Good Company and now we have Curious Creatures. Founded by Larissa, the label goes by three simple rules: Quaint, Simplicity & Everyday, and aims to create jewellery and other things that abide by these rules and allowing customers to own pretty handmade pieces without an alarming price tag.

Geometry and symmetry are consistent within the collection, coupled with raw stones and vintage trinkets with each piece, keeping the whole feel of the range of unique bracelets and necklaces to be raw.



Curious Creatures jewellery is available online at