October 30, 2015

More than 60% of women are dealing with a rough scalp. That’s according to research by Shiseido, and they’ve long established that for your hair to be healthy, the scalp needs to be taken care of first. But their statistics reveal so many women are still living with a dry scalp – just like the skin on your face, when it’s too dry, sebum secretion is increased. Once this oil comes into contact with UV rays and the microorganisms that occur naturally on the scalp, the skin becomes inflamed, and a nasty odour is produced (i.e. that’s how smelly hair happens).

Shiseido Professional’s Fuente Forte range has established itself in the professional haircare market as scalp experts, and the Toning Serum functions basically as a moisture serum for your scalp – much like how you put serums on the skin on your face. The key ingredient here is the plant-derived scutellaria extract, a natural moisturiser that’s used in Shiseido’s original skincare technology. Because hey, all the good stuff you put on your face, your scalp deserves too.


Shiseido Professional products are usually available only in selected salons, but we’ve included a sample bottle of the Fuente Forte Toning Serum in the October edition of the NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box for you to try. So yay! Time to start treating your scalp way better.


Try out the Shiseido Professional Fuente Forte Toning Serum in the October edition of our NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box. $38, available here.