October 30, 2015

Who doesn’t love a great party, especially one that is so exclusive, the venue remains secret until we’re closer to the date itself? Martell VSOP plans on revitalising our clubbing scene with a game-changing new concept called Club Neon. Kicking off on 5 November, the Club Neon Party, venue unknown at this point, will see homegrown rapper ShiGGa Shay and local henna artist Tiffany Tan spearheading the project as Entertainment Director and Creative Director respectively.

clubneonclubneonApart from dishing out sick beats, ShiGGa Shay will also be curating a dance number and performing with DJ NashD. DJ Julien will also be mixing it up with his dose of EDM beats mashed up with Hip-Hop and old school rock tracks. Tiffany on the other hand, will provide partygoers with a visual extravaganza by creating a wall mural in her signature style and providing three unique tattoo designs that will be spray-painted on the bodies with UV ink. Adding on to the ambience are modern interpretations of neon light installations (a characteristic feature of Club Neon), the backstage of a cabaret, a karaoke-themed room, live band and beatbox performances and a game of dice.

To keep in line with the neon light-inspired ambience of Club Neon, Martell VSOP has teamed up with veteran EDM DJ and visual artist, Etienne de Crécy to release a new limited edition bottle called La French Touch Limited Edition by Etienne de Crécy. This limited edition bottle embodies the vibe of contemporary club culture and expresses the creative spirit of La French Touch (a trend in the French musical and artistic movement). It also features de Crécy’s signature designs to depict the electrifying presence that neon lights have at Club Neon’s parties. A special drink called the “Shot In The Dark” reacts to UV light has been created for all the Club Neon parties. This limited edition bottle will be available at Zouk, Trace, Taboo, The Pump Room, 1-Altitude, Sonar, Grand Hollywood, Asia Boutique, Planet and Shanghai Dolly from November 2015 to 31 January 2016. The venue will remain a secret for now but Martell VSOP will be releasing the address of the party “in the grittier parts of town” closer to the date. More information on Martell’s Facebook page and Club Neon’s Instagram page.