October 7, 2015

There’s something about churros that makes everyone go crazy, and this one’s no exception. Though the fried dough snack is a popular Spanish delicacy, Korean celebrities and young people alike love it to bits, and any food crave, undoubtedly, will find its way to Singapore. This comes in the form of Churro 101, a popular Korean specialty chain store.

Churro 101_Churro Set

As the dessert chain’s first international store, and as a brand that has fans in K-Pop groups like Girls’ Generation, F(x), Miss A, and Girls’ Day (the irony), the opening’s certainly a prestigious one. Then again, step into the store at Bugis+, and you’ll find it utterly casual, unassuming, and even homely. It’s a bit more than a stand, as the space seats up to 20 people comfortably.

Typically, churros have a light, crispy outside, and a soft, fluffy middle. By all accounts, this passed the bite test, especially delightful when served warm. All the ingredients are imported from Korea, with the dough made fresh on-site daily and fried immediately upon your order. We tried our hand at this process of piping and frying and consistently rolling it to get that even, golden and crispy exterior. It was fast, and surprisingly easy, though we’d still leave it to the experts to fry many at a time. You can, of course, watch all this thanks to the open kitchen concept.

Churro 101_Filled Churros Churro 101_Dark Chocolate Churros

But really, we’re just enticed by the sheer variety of options. This includes Filled Churros, such as the Chocolate Filled Churro ($4.50), Milk Custard Churro ($4.50) as well as Korea’s popular Cream Cheese Churro ($4.70). There are also Dark Chocolate Churros ($5.40), coated in a luscious layer of dark chocolate coating.

Churro 101_Real Spanish Churros Churro 101_Soft Serve

Classic options, like the Cinnamon Churro ($3.50), are also a staple on the menu, along with the Plain Churro ($3.30) and the Sugar Churro ($3.50). Or, you could get a Churro Set (choose any Real Spanish Churro, mentioned above) – this comes with soft-serve ice cream and hot/iced coffee ($5.90 to $6.80).

In celebration of Churro 101’s grand opening in Singapore, all customers can enjoy a full-day promotion of 1-for-1 churros at the outlet on 12 October 2015.

Churro 101 opens on 12 October, at Bugis+, #04-01. It opens daily from 10am to 10pm. Follow Churro 101 on Facebook, and Instagram @Churro101SG.