October 1, 2015

Combine comfort, warmth and rich craftsmenship, and we’ll have Uggs. Though these aren’t a familiar sight on our shores, the well-loved american brand has made a name for itself throughout the years with a countless number of celebrity endorsements that include faces like Sarah Jessica Parker, Katy Perry and even Oprah. Honouring over thirty years of history, UGG® is paying homage to the colour that has been essential to the brand’s heritage: Chestnut.

Identified as the colour of “warmth, comfort, dependability and honesty”, this particular colour has quickly grown to be the number one wardrobe staple, translating as a key colour for a casual city look. It all started in the 1930’s, where the versatility of earth tones were first appreciated by consumers and It was only a matter of time before the high end labels translated it into a classic.

As for UGG®, their fall/winter 2015 collection is a modern take on their classic boot, with over two hundred silhouettes that range from the classic collection, fashion collection as well as the slipper collection, all in chestnut of course! So if you’re one of those who refuse to put UGG® and “must-have” in the same sentence, then this should change your mind.

ugg1 ugg2 UGG3

UGG® fall/winter 2015 collection is available from $160 onwards, at Takashimaya Shopping Centre #b1-51.