October 6, 2015

The teenage sisters behind NUDESTIX, Canadians Ally and Taylor Frankel, are all about keeping their makeup real. That explains why the NUDESTIX product range is all about multipurpose makeup pencils in neutral tones that can be used as everything from concealer to eyeshadow, to cheek to lip colour – and you won’t find any oranges, blues or neon pinks here.


Their mum Jenny Frankel, the president and founder of the brand, is an established name in the cosmetics industry, with experience formulating products for M.A.C, as well as being one of the creators of COVER FX. She noticed that her daughters and their friends were favouring much lighter makeup compared to girls of her own time, and weren’t spending as much time getting ready. Seeing a gap in the market for neutral-toned multipurpose makeup, NUDESTIX was born in 2014.

Elder sister Taylor Frankel was at the Sephora Holiday press day to introduce her brand to us, and told us NUDESTIX was born out of her and her sister’s preference for not wearing much colour on their faces. They believe makeup should be fuss-free, and not about perfection; that’s something we can definitely get on board with.

As to why they chose to create their products in a pencil format, Taylor explained that pencils are the tool we all first pick up when learning how to write, so it’s one of the most intuitive tools to use. Hence the description “Crayola meets Chanel”.

We got her to take us through how she would use NUDESTIX to create an entire day look, similar to what the sisters are modelling here:




1. Dab the Concealer Pencil under the eyes, around the nose and on the chin, then use your fingers to blend.


2. Use the Sheer Eye Colour Pencil in Stardust as a highlighter, by applying it on the cheekbones, under the browbones, on the inner corners of the eyes, the nose bridge, and on the cupid’s bow.


3. For the eyes, use the Sheer Eye Colour Pencil in Burnish to line the crease, then use your fingers to smudge it a bit.


4. Use the Lip/Cheek Pencil in Mystic to draw onto the apples of your cheeks, then use your fingers to blend. Then line your lips with the same shade, before going on to fill them in.


5. Give your lashes a few coats of the black Mascara. And you’re done! That probably took all of 5 minutes.

Come November, Sephora will first launch the NUDESTIX Holiday Kits that include eye and lip sets, as well as the Lip + Cheek Dual Pencils. The full range will be available from January 2016.

nudestix 1 nudestix 2 nudestix 3


NUDESTIX, $34 to $69 for the Holiday 2015 releases. Available at Sephora stores from November. nudestix.com