October 27, 2015

Now, of course every bakery churns out something fresh for the season. You’ve got logcakes for Christmas, mooncakes in all flavours and elaborate packaging – even red velvet cakes for SG50. But hardly do they look as elegant as the ones offered by Lady M.

With its trendy New York origins, the brand manages to make even Halloween look classy, with their limited edition Pumpkin Nuage cake.

lady m 3 lady m 4

This is a cross between a pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake, gently spiced with cinnamon and with a light hand of cream cheese atop a crushed graham cracker base.

And it’s only available during Halloween season this week – from 24 October to 31 October 2015, at $8.50 per slice or $80 for the whole cake.

lady m 1 lady m 2

For something more festive, but still as satisfying, there’s the new Couronne du Chocolat, that comes with a beautiful glossy ganache glaze on top (it’s truly reflective!).

Truly, the cake’s meant for chocolate lovers. Just think about what’s on the inside: alternate layers of moist chocolate sponge, and in between, both a dark and a rich chocolate mousse. Plus that ring of white chocolate shavings, of course.

This will be available at the boutiques or online during November and December 2015, at $7.50 each or $70 for the whole cake.

If you haven’t been to their popular boutique at Orchard Central – be prepared for a queue on weeknights and weekends. That’s because that one occupies three whole floors in a spacious layout, with full-length glass windows to boot. Imagine, good lighting that’s great for pictures! Alternatively, you can head to the smaller outlet at One Fullerton, or to their latest Westgate boutique, the first outlet that’s outside of the city area.

Available at Lady M® boutiques or online at