October 19, 2015

We all can’t resist a cleanser that promises a “mild yet deep cleanse”. Seems like they all promise that, but those with sensitive skin would know better than to take that at face value – you would do better than do take a risk with anything not clearly labelled to be suitable for sensitive skin. That also probably limits the number of cleansers available on the market, since there are only a few select brands that cater to the sensitive skin market, and most mass-market brands don’t often do specific sensitive skin products.

Then, we saw VDL’s Beauty Cleansing Foam. It might seem like just another regular cleanser, but what caught our attention is how it comes in two versions: Moisture Type, and Sensitive Type. The cleansing is done through fine micro bubbles that give that promised “mild yet deep cleanse”, and the Sensitive Type is ensured to be hypoallergenic, and extra mild.


The sample included in the October edition of the NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box is the Moisture Type, but give it a try, we know you’ll like it – then recommend the Sensitive Type to your friend with sensitive skin.


Try out the VDL Beauty Cleansing Foam in the October edition of our NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box. $38, available here.