The Gemstone Jewellery That Should Be On Your Wishlist

It’s all the rage these days – gemstone jewellery, in pretty shades and sizes, but more than that, they’re meant to protect, contain a variety of positive energies, while reflecting your personality. Consider them a little like mood rings, but way more powerful and special.
As for the Amulette de Cartier collection, these look and feel like the most luxurious jewellery in the market today.
What we like is that each piece goes with anything in your wardrobe. The trendy design means you could dress it down with a casual all-black outfit, as what Chiara Ferragni cleverly does in her photoshoot with the brand, or go elegant at an event, easy to do so since the design’s just as understated.
However, the gemstones are the true star of the jewellery line. Whether it’s a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, each one consists of natural gemstone, such as opal, lapis lazuli and onyx, meant to represent a wish. This is surrounded by a brilliant diamond at its core, while each jewel closes like a padlock that’s ringed with gold, as if to enclose and hold dear your personal wishes. If you’re wondering which one suits you best, here’s our breakdown:

lapis lazuli mother of pearl necklace oynx necklace
Lapis Lazuli
From Ancient Egyptians to the Chinese Emperors, this stone has been used to adorn important royal jewellery. We think that it still has timeless appeal. Due to its intense blue hue, the gemstone’s said to capture a fragment of the sky, which symbolises wisdom, truth, and serenity. Perfect, if you always find yourself deep in thought, or waxing lyrical about the meaning of life.
It’s a classic look if you have this on, and the light iridescent gemstone, is said to protect one from negative energies and influences, like how your mom looks out for you when you were a kid. It’s for those who seek comforting assurance, tenderness and kindness in their lives.
Don’t be fooled by the black shade, there’s a whole lot of positives here since it represents courage, perseverance and intuition, which feels like something a Gryffindor would appreciate in the world of Harry Potter. Great if you need that reminder and an extra boost of strength, or if you’re already the daring kind who’s ready to jump into projects, prospects and new relationships.

carnelian chrysoprase opal
Deemed the capsule of fire, this suits the life-of-the-party kind of person, the girl who seems to know everyone, and is comfortable being herself while lighting up the room with an infectious energy. Its bright shade tells of vitality, a bold energy that’s all about warmth, enthusiasm and inspiration.
With a flash of green, the stone speaks right to the heart, calling for a kind of uplifting energy in your everyday life. Wear this if you’re all about love, harmony and balance in your life, the kind who’s always thankful and finding fulfillment in everything you set your mind, and heart, to.
The lovely soft pink shade is a girly one, and is an easy-to-match shade – but more than that, it’s really for the dreamers, the romantics, the optimistic souls who revel in joy and want to see others feel the same happiness. That, and they still believe in chance encounters and love at first sight.

mother of pearl malachite oynx
It’s known as the gemstone of travellers, in every way possible. You might want to flaunt this pendant as part of your getaway outfit, sure, but its powerful rich green is also useful for guiding through changes and transitions in your life, and may even lead to success in those areas.
Amulette de Cartier collection, priced from $2,490 for a bracelet, available at all Cartier boutiques.

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