October 29, 2015

When a skincare ingredient took 13 years of research to develop, you know it has to be something good. In Shiseido’s case, it’s the Whitening 4MSK, which both halts melanin production in its tracks and gets rid of existing melanin causing dark spots and dullness in the skin.

Whitening 4MSK is the key ingredient in the Za True White Ex Essence Lotion – yes, it’s an essence, lotion and also an emulsion, all combined in one multitasking product. How that works is that micro-molecules of the essence and emulsion are suspended in the lotion, and are only released into the skin upon contact.


Vitamin C derivatives and a white lily extract further boost this product whitening effects; each bottle of the True White Ex Essence Lotion contains a whopping 600,000 whitening micro-capsules. It’s time to fight those scars and dark spots once and for all.


Try out the Za True White Ex Essence Lotion in the October edition of our NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box. $38, available here.