October 20, 2015

Children’s books have long been a source of inspiration for musicals, and that’s because the stage goes crazy with whimsical sets, while costumes won’t be of the “realistic” dreary sort. Plus, they’re captivating and kid-safe, while just as enchanting for adults.

That’s why we’re glad that Seussical the Musical’s finally in town. As you might have guessed from its near-nonsensical name, the world of Dr. Seuss, which you’ve surely read about when you were a kid, is now in a musical format, and will be live on stage in Singapore, from 6 – 8 November this year.

Direct from its UK tour, there’ll naturally be lots of whimsical elements and characters, and delightful rhymes from classics such as┬áHorton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat. And singing, of course. We get to join the zany Cat in the Hat as he guides us through the adventures of Horton the Elephant, who discovers a small world floating by on a tiny speck of dust, and discovers the Whos, along with many other well-known characters. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the surprise (or, let the cat out of the… hat). You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

Seussical the Musical, at the Esplanade Theatre. Tickets available at