All Night Blog

October 23, 2015

It’s the best kind of earworm – a catchy, infectious tune that gets stuck in our heads, thanks to Singapore’s homegrown rapper, THELIONCITYBOY (TLCB). Back from performing at the SGMUSO Live Showcase at NYC in September, he’s ready to bite with his latest single, “All Night”. He teams up with Sony Music artist, Sezairi, long-time collaborator Mr Boo, and FlightSch for this one, and at the same time, drops a zombie-infested video as well… Just in time for Halloween.


Drawing from the likes of old-school horror and zombie flicks, and possibly Left For Dead, it plays on that genre particularly well. TLCB is an undead, and pretty similar to Nicholas Hoult’s turn in Warm Bodies, falls in love with spunky survivor Aarika Lee (also the actual love of his life) after a chance meeting. Cut to dreamy scenes of them cycling side by side at the familiar ECP, or attempting to bowl while awkwardly limping, undead-style, towards the bowling lane. Shot and directed by Vadbibes aka Jasper Tan, the music video has a whole lot of humour as we see TLCB, and even Sezairi, zombie-dancing to the beat.

If you’re the least bit kaypoh (there’s no other way to put it) about their actual dream relationship, it seems like you gotta listen close to the lyrics. The song, written by TLCB, speaks of how he got to know his wife, Aarika Lee, and how he was “drawn to her beauty and quirky personality” after spotting her in the crowd at a local gig.

“All Night”, available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio.