October 5, 2015

As much as we’re keen to discuss film classics and sophisticated dramas, those Oscar baits with laurels on their posters, and as much as we’re primed to offer a scathing view of why every modernised remake fails to live up to its original, sometimes, we just like bad films. The more B-grade, the better. If you’re guilty… well, don’t be, because there’s a film festival that celebrates “bad” taste.

Organised by a group of film enthusiasts, they’re all up for celebrating films that have been panned by critics, which can still be flat-out ridiculous, enjoyable and undeniably funny. All this, to hopefully get people to re-think the meaning of failure.

This year’s event sees the premiere of well-known Internet sensation, Sharknado, and we’ll get to see the entire trilogy. No surprises here, they’re literally about a shark-infested killer hurricane. All of them. You’ll definitely be in for a laugh with your friends and fellow movie-goers. On top of that, audiences are encouraged to live-tweet during the film screenings, comment on the plot holes and cheesy lines, or perhaps laugh obnoxiously. There seems to be no rules, except this – only those with a sense of humour are allowed.

The Sharknado movies will be screened on the 17, 23, and 24 Oct evenings, at The Projector. Tickets are now available for sale at the website, at $12 per ticket.