October 13, 2015

It’s so tiny, it kinda looks like a prop out of a sci-fi film. Forget everything you know about wireless Bluetooth headsets. The Jabra Eclipse™ breaks every possible stereotype you can think of that’s associated with these contraptions. This lightweight wireless headset (5.5 grams) was obviously designed for the busy working professional who doesn’t want to look ridiculous with a gadget stuck in his or her ear. It is the accessory to own when you need to have important phone conversations while still looking dapper as hell. While it may embody a minimal aesthetic on the outside, the Jabra Eclipse is packed with technology on the inside to deliver exceptional audio performance and comfort. The built-in HD voice technology and multi-grade speaker keeps your conversations super clear on both ends, to the point that it feels like the person is just next to you. The EarGels, which are designed to cancel out background noise, are discreet and comfortable enough to make it feel like you’re not even wearing it. All in all, the Jabra Eclipse is a breeze to use. With no buttons and no switches, all it takes to make a call is a simple double tap on the headset. You can even customise the functions on the handy Jabra Assist app to make full use of the Jabra Eclipse.

Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Earpiece, $219. Available in mid-October.