October 13, 2015

Everything is Instagram-worthy. And delicious. That’s kinda the tactic that House, located at Dempsey, uses for their revamped high tea buffet, and damn, it works. Called ‘Hi-Tea’, it’s the restaurant’s invitation for you to head down and enjoy their signature comfort food, infused with fresh herbs. Everything on the table looks like a must-try, only because they add something a little different than the usual flavour combinations: think avocado and chocolate cake, curry leaf almond brownie or charcoal scones.

Available on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and at $30+ per person, there are over 30 new creations on the menu in rotation, while you can pick whatever you like (and eat however much you want) since it’s buffet-style. Go straight to the made-to-order corner where you can get your sandwiches done fresh, and look out for specials, dished piping hot from the kitchen. It’s a spread you’d wanna enjoy with your close pals, or significant other – quite an impressive casual date location too, if you ask us.

In our opinion, here are the other must-tries.

Our House favourites include their skinny pizzas and shoestring truffle fries, but here are the other things we can eat all day.

House hi-tea Grp #4 (LR)

Grilled Pork Belly Wrap
Mini wraps with 12-hour sous-vide pork belly in a fermented beancurd marinade, topped with basil.

Phad Thai Salad
Our favourite Thai noodles, converted into a salad!

Salmon Cheese Roll with Basil-Truffle Honey
Basil-infused truffle honey, drizzled over a classic salmon cheese roll.

Our sweet tooth craving’s very, very satisfied, with this visual treat of a desserts platter. Of course, everything comes suitably bite-sized, so don’t be afraid to grab more than one tart at a go. You won’t be spoilt for choice then.

House hi-tea Grp #3 (LR) image2 (1) image4 image3 (1)

Avocado Chocolate Cake
A healthy twist to sinful chocolate cake, this has avocado, with its naturally good fats, and is freshened with dill.

Orange Sweet Potatoes Tart
Steamed, puree-d by hand, with toasted sesame seeds toppings, orange zest and cream on the side.

Curry Leaf Almond Brownie 
Fried curry leaves, chopped up, to spice up the original almond brownie, with sugar, sea salt, and chili flakes.

Rhubarb Crumble
Wholesome ingredients are used: orange juice, brown sugar, orange zest, and  a crumble with oats, plus chopped walnuts.

Caramel Banana Cake Flowerpot
Caramel-banana base, with coffee walnut soil, and a basil herb planted in.

Vanilla Charcoal Scone with Homemade Jam/ Cream/ Butter
Charcoal powder scones served with raspberry and thyme jam, and herb butter.

House Hi-Tea is served up every Thursday and Friday, from 3pm to 5.30pm, priced at $30+ per pax. Located at 8D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249672.