October 20, 2015

Then & There is a Designer+Artisan collaboration by a homegrown label, Matters, celebrating beauty, empathy and utility through specially designed motifs by a range of unique artists. Combining storytelling and a modern take on rural textile artisanship, four asian designers have poured their hearts out in this collection by telling stories of their home countries through their prints. Yah Leng Yu of Foreign Policy Design designed a print that represents Singapore’s vibrancy as a nation with the different cultures, as well as our progression of our nation; from a small sea port to a bustling metropolitan city we see today. Nitya Amaranth, founder of Botto Studio in India, formed a kaleidoscopic motif that represents his country’s diversity by combining the mix of visual lungs from all across the subcontinent. Anya Lim, from ANTHILL Fabric gallery in the phillipines, took inspiration from her country’s flag while also mixing in carvings found on a traditional musical instrument, the Kulintang Gong. Last but not least, Indonesia’s Joseph Lim and Bai Soemarlono, from the label Populo Batik drew inspiration from the turnout motif that symbolises unconditional love and solidarity, dating back to the 18th century.

For the ladies, Classic Wideleg is one of their top hits. Sideswept Dhoti, Lounge Lunghi and Modern Monpe are unisex styles, inspired by the multifold drapes of the Indian dhoti. Then&There prints come in a total of six colours in a luxurious cotton linen from $179 to $279. Matterprints.com